Music Supervisor Services, Clearance, Licensing & Creation of Original Songs from Script-to-Screen

 Experienced & Enjoyable to Work With  

  • Our job is to make your job simple and to make the experience as easy as we possibly can.  With 30+ years of experience in the music industry, we've  collaborated and worked with billboard charting, hit-writers and a boutique group of extremely talented songwriters, artists and composers.  Best of all they all  own 100% of their songs and we have cherry picked and pre-cleared their catalog for quick and easy licensing with you.
  • We have established relationships with record labels and major publishers so our foot is already in the door to make it easier to negotiate, do the paperwork and clear your license within your budget. 
  • ORIGINAL PRODUCTION   With nearly 30 years in the Music Industry, we have access to and collaborate with major songwriters and artists who (with our collaboration) can personally create the music you envision for your project.  
  • What is a Music Supervisor?

COST?  All supervision services are negotiated on a per project or per song basis - there are no hidden fees. 

  • License fees and additional production costs are paid directly to the copyright holders and production companies we work with.    There is no cost added by Molly Girl Music for these services
  • A Music Supervisor's fee is typically 2 to 5% of the total budget of the film.   The music budget is a separate line item.
  •  With over 40 years of experience in the Music Industry as well as 20 years in the legal profession (studies in intellectual property, entertainment, corporate), the combination makes us a winning choice. 

If you have a project in the works, we would welcome a ZOOM chat -- we are happy to do this at no charge to you.