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Nicolas Laget, composer

The Ambrosia Music Family

Grammy nominated, ProMax and TIVA Gold Award winner, Nicolas Laget's music has aired on the BBC, NPR, Discovery, TLC, the Travel Channel, and more.  Nico has also produced hundreds of singles and albums for recording artists since 2004.

Founder & Owner of The Sweet Spot Studio in partnership with Award Winning Singer-Songwriter, Samir Moussa (Ambassadors of Morning).

Nicolas Laget and his team compose for TV, Film and Advertising.  

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COMPOSER film reels are below


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Samir Moussa, ambassadors of morning

Award Winning Songwriter & Artist

 Samir grew up in Washington, D.C. area with family, roots and friends all over the world.  

Ambassadors Of Morning is an ever- flowing stream of music, with award-winning gems in Alternative, Instrumental, World Music, musical Releases, Film Scores, Collaborations and much more.  

Each project brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band experience and over the years we’ve grown comfortable jumping genres and mashing up influences.