Nicolas Laget, composer

The Ambrosia Music Family

 Founder & Owner of The Sweet Spot Studio in partnership with Award Winning Singer-Songwriter, Samir Moussa (Ambassadors of Morning).

Nicolas Laget and his team compose for TV, Film Advertising and have recently added a roster of indie-artists.  

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COMPOSER film reels are below

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Samir Moussa, ambassadors of morning

Award Winning Songwriter & Artist

 Samir grew up in Washington, D.C. area with family, roots and friends all over the world.  

Ambassadors Of Morning is an ever- flowing stream of music, with award-winning gems in Alternative, Instrumental, World Music, musical Releases, Film Scores, Collaborations and much more.  

Each project brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band experience and over the years we’ve grown comfortable jumping genres and mashing up influences.