Nancy deckant

GM of Nashville Cool! & Founder/CEO of Discover sooner

Nancy’s music achieved top 40 success on Billboard in 2021 “Princess” by Dallas Remington and “Hangin’ Moons” by Cody Clayton Eagle reached over a million Spotify streams in 2022. 

In 2020 Nancy launched Discover Sooner whose mission is to help the next generation of songwriters and artists expand their network of music professionals. The company has successfully helped songwriters develop relationships with major publishers, collaborate with major label artists, write with signed and unsigned writers, and helped artist Ben Fuller round out his management team which lead to a record/publishing label with Provident.​Prior to moving to Nashville, Nancy spent 10 years playing in bands and 8 years as a Workshop Coordinator for NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Assoc. Int’l) where she educated songwriters about the music business and in the craft of songwriting, evaluated countless songs and helped songwriters advance their songwriting skills. 

Nancy is an active member of the AIMP (Association of Independent Music Publishers), the NMPA (National Music Publishers' Association), GMS (Friends of the Guild of Music Supervisors), Global Songwriters Connection and is a member of the CMA. 


Wanna hear some of the songs written in the sync challenge?

 WRITING SONGS FOR SYNC!   It couldn't get any cooler!  

 Molly Girl Music & Discover Sooner have collaborated on three Sync Challenges in 2023.  We are having a BLAST and writing some great songs for SYNC.

Our next one starts on November 13, 2023.    You can read more about it at the link below.


  • Learn how to write songs for sync 
  • Make a lasting relationship with a music supervisor 
  • Write to active briefs 
  • Expand your network of collaborators 
  • Take away 2 recordings 
  • Potentially get 2 sync placements 
  • Have your songs represented by a sync agent 
  • Learn how to "clear" your song for sync opportunities 
  • Retain ownership of your copyrights


Songs written in sync challenge for "The Christmas Witch" movie