About Donna Britton Bukevicz

owner, music supervisor, creative director

Donna brings a wealth of experience to the table, having spent two decades in the music industry. She's not just a music supervisor; she's someone who's deeply passionate about her work. 

Donna's track record includes projects like "Hashtag Blessed," "Turnover," "Cat Dexx Inkosi," and "Halloween Party," where her work on Oscar-contending songs challenged even Adele's "Skyfall." In the world of shorts, movies, and documentaries, Donna has made her mark with contributions to "Passage," "From Grief to Gratitude," and "Cuddle." 

Her work extends to TV series, including "Nashville Unleashed," "Green Heroes," and "Civil Disobedience." Donna's expertise in song licensing shines through in projects like "Turnover" and "Last Call at Murrays." 

Donna's music has graced the screens of Sony Pictures, Fox Sports, Rock Band video games, Showtime's "The L Word," Access Hollywood, VH1's "House of Consignment," MTV, and TVO's Green Heroes web series. 

In fact, she's not just an accomplished musician; she's also a 92nd Academy Award Oscar Contending Songwriter, earning two songs in the top 75 for Oscar consideration in 2020. 

Her accolades don't end there; she's the recipient of the 2022 Silver Telly Award for "Best Song in a Trailer",for her work on Hashtag Blessed, 2021 HMMA Nomination for Best Holiday song with Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd, 2019 Show Low Film Festival "Best Song" Award and was a 2013 Oscar contending vocalist, ranked at #17 on the Awards Circuit list, competing with none other than Adele's "Skyfall." 

Donna's journey has taken her to iconic venues like the "Bluebird" and the "Troubadour," where she's shared the stage and studio with some of the industry's finest, including Chris Young, Grand Ole Opry studio band members in Nashville, Dave Robbins of Blackhawk, Toby Keith's Trailer Choir Band, The Henningsen Family, Al Jarreau, Don Henley, Billy Idol, Martha Reeves, and The Bangles. 

She's not just a music supervisor; she's a dedicated professional in the world of music and entertainment.