Fly, the rise of jett parker

Fly, the rise of jett parker

Filming July 2024

Update:  2/20/2024

All songs have been written for this movie in the Molly Girl Music & Discover Sooner Sync Challenge,

You can listen to some of the songs in the playlist below.

A Big thank you goes to Nancy Deckant, President of Discover Sooner for organizing this incredible workshop and challenge.  Songwriters, producers and artists participated from all over the world.

Discover Sooner Sync Challenge - 2-19-2024


Fly: The Rise of Jett Parker is a story that centers around a young boy Jett Parker along with his younger sister Lilly and their mom Annie, who have moved from the city to a small mountain town in the White Mountains of Arizona to start over. Jett makes new friends with a rag tag underdog group known as team Wind Flyers, who introduce him to a world he never knew he could experience. Together they train and build a bond as they go up against the champions team Precision Flight. This film has action, adrenaline, drama, humor and even some romance for everyone, yet within the boundaries of a great Family movie with a positive twist.

 No unsolicited songs are accepted

3 time world Champion for indoor Skydiving Leonid Volkov from St. Petersburg Russia  will be a part of the Cast of the new Film "FLY: The Rise of Jett Parker".  watch him below.