current projects 2023 - Music Supervisor & CREATIVE TEAM


The Story about Tim Oldham and his Cancer Angels.   COMING SOON!

STORY:   Coffee & God, Walking with Angels is a film with great insights on faith, trust, mental health, family dynamics, and is based on true events.

A successful divorce lawyer from Miami has lost touch with his childhood faith.   But when his mother's cancer worsens and she  refuses treatment, a desperate and angry Carlos impersonates a reporter and goes on a spiritual quest, demanding answers from God, if he exists.   

His journey brings him to a ranch owned by Tim Oldham, a man with unbreakable faith, who survived a spinal fluid leak and brain tumour by the grace of God and well, coffee.

With Tim's faith and mission to spread God's word and Carlo's desire for answers the two spend an unforgettable weekend where hope is restored through God's word.

Music Supervisor & Creator DIrector of Music,   working with Darmar Production, LLC. -- 

Music submissions are not open yet.

THE SONGS TO THE RIGHT ARE A FEW OF THE SONGS CHOSEN FOR CONSIDERATION.   GENRES:  Contemporary Christian, Traditional, Indie-Singer-Songwriter,  Gospel,  Public Domain - Hymns. 

Composer pieces to be written with our creative team. 

The Christmas Witch

Script - in development

Status: SCRIPT:  Filming 11/2023

Looking for:  Singer-Songwriter, Indie-Bands and Artists who wish to collaborate on original songs for movie

VIBE:  Magical, Whimsical, Halloween - spooky, Christmas - magic, epic battle scene good vs. evil, Adrenaline - running through the woods, Sad and emotional - death of a beloved character.

Songs with these words in it:  Magick, earth, fire, air, water, myster, winter solstice, Christmas, Amberlight Valley

NOTE: the music player to the right contains songs that the producers have mentioned they "like" and may be considered as we march along the journey.  They are not guaranteed to be licensed but are "candidates" for consideration.

No Unsolicited Material is Accepted.  Thank you.



Family Movie

Completed - January 2023

Going to Film Festivals in 2023


 A young girl with a disability embraces her destiny as a mermaid.

"WiSH UPON A STARFISH" was written from script to screen and is the theme song for the film.     

Stay tuned for more songs (already written) and to be featured in this wonderful fresh film.