Reviewing footage to make song sections.

What Does a music supervisor do?

 A Music Supervisor brings your musical vision to life.  What does that entail?

  1. Music Clearance: Clear in advance scripted songs and on-camera performances, all source, featured, main & end title compositions and master recordings. 
  2. Music Licensing:  Prepare and coordinate execution of final synchronization and master use licenses for all compositions and master recordings included in the production. 
  3. Music Budget:  Script and rough cut spotting; research song cues, provide music budget based upon estimated written and possible song cues, score minutes, type of score, song licensing and music production costs. 
  4. Music Conceptualization: Provide preliminary creative input and dialog with director, producer and editor to design a fresh, creative concept for the soundtrack of songs and score for the production. 
  5. Original Music ProductIon: Coordinate the creation and production of original songs for the project  
  6. Music Cue Sheets: Generate a cue sheet containing a complete listing of all song and score cues, timings, authors & publishers for delivery to distributors and performing rights societies. 

What makes us different than other Music Supervisors?   Under the supervision of a Virginia State Bar licensed attorney, Donna Britton Bukevicz studied Intellectual Property, Contracts & Entertainment Law and worked in the legal field for nearly 20 years.   Donna is also a Certified  Mediator in the State of Virginia.  

  • Proficient in all phases of Licensing & Clearance 
  • Studied songwriting and performance at Berklee College of Music    
  • Oscar contending vocalist and multi-award winning songwriter (plays piano, guitar and ukulele and has recording studio on-site at Molly Girl Music, LLC.)
  • Associate Member of the Guild of Music Supervisors 

In addition, we can submit the original songs written for your project for the awards circuit.

Song Awards Submission:  Preparation of documentation for song entires for Oscars, Grammys, HMMA and Film Festivals

15+ years experience

Creative & Administrative Services (from script to screen)

Donna Britton Bukevicz, Owner of Molly Girl Music, LLC.

Donna is a Music Supervisor, Creative Music Director, Singer-Songwriter, Telly-Award Winning Songwriter & Oscar contending vocalist who is enjoying the musical walk and journey with her creative team.    

CLICK the IMDB link below to see additional credits.

The songs featured in the movie trailers below were written by MGM's creative team (from script to screen). 

In addition,  all songs featured in the movies below were acquired, cleared and licensed by Molly Girl Music, LLC. 

2 original songs were written for this short.  Using the movie producer's vision, Donna created the storyboard for these songs and then moved forward with her creative team of collaborators to bring them to life.   

They are Wish Upon a Starfish (Bukevicz/Rodgers/Swick) and Destiny (Bukevicz/Shell, Pisani, Shebati).

The movie trailer to the left features the song "Wish Upon a Starfish",  written by Donna E. Bukevicz (the music supervisor and creative director for the film), along with collaborators, Marilyn Swick (The movie director & also scriptwriter) and Avery Lynn Rodgers (who is also a part of Molly Girl Music's songwriting mentorship program). Avery Lynn is   a rising star as an actress and singer-songwriter.  She landed the lead role of "Hope" in this movie which is presently in film festival circuit and winning awards left and right. 

The song Do you Remember was also written by Donna E. Bukevicz (the Music Supervisor for Ocean Child) along with Sarah Spagnolo who is part of Donna's songwriting mentorship program at Molly Girl Music, LLC.

Stay tuned for Ocean Child as we truly believe that it's destined to be a powerful "marvel-disney-style" series in 2024. It's in the film festival circuit now.

"We hired Donna to be our music supervisor after I worked with her on another feature. Donna is very talented and best of all very knowledgeable about the industry.

She also has a lot of contacts and a huge variety of artists to pull from. Being the fabulous team player that she is, I know our Christmas film is in capable hands."    

Martina Webster, Darmar Production LLC. 

Martina and Dalea Faulkner, Author/Scriptwriter of Hashtag Blessed, the movie.

9 Original songs were written for the movie (all including Donna E. Bukevicz as both a songwriter and the  creative director of the soundtrack.)  Two of the songs we are most proud of are below:

Rockin into Christmas Ft. Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd (written by Donna E. Bukevicz & Peter Keys).  HMMA Song Nominee for Best Original Holiday Song.

"This is All I Want for Christmas" (Bukevicz/Faulkner/Toon)

This is the Official Music Video from the Christmas Film "Hashtag Blessed The Movie" and was performed by none other than Sir Earl Toon.  Sir Earl performed with and wrote songs for Kool & The Gang.

Hashtag Blessed The Movie's writer and author, Dalea Faulkner co-wrote and created this song for the movie with our Music Supervisor, Donna Britton Bukevicz and they brought in Sir Earl Toon to do vocal stylings and contribute his magical touch to the song to bring it to life. 



Music Supervisor, Licensing & Clearance & Creative Soundtrack Services provided to Linda Palmer Cardone & Mark Cardone since 2012

Donna is a "key part of the music team on any film or show I do, her attention to detail in contracts, licensing agreements is stellar!"

She's a brilliant songwriter / performer and has a knack for understanding the need for original material and creating it very quickly.  

She's been awarded for the work she's done for me, including  winning Best Original Song for "Cat Dexx: Inkosi" at the Show Low Film Festival and on my recent feature film, "Turnover", where two of her songs she co-wrote were in Oscar consideration! 

Linda Palmer & Mark Cardone, Owner, Producer, Director, Runaway Productions

I've worked with Donna Britton "Bukevicz" as a music supervisor for several projects since 2012 and consider her a key part of the music team on any film or show I do.  Her ability to find the right music and people for a project is incredible, plus I really appreciate her attention to details in contracts/agreements.  Along with those skills, she's a brilliant songwriter / performer and has a knack for understanding the need for original material and creating it very quickly.  She's been awarded for the work she's done for me, including  winning Best Original Song for "Cat Dexx: Inkosi" at the Show Low Film Festival and on my recent feature film, "Turnover", where two of her songs she co-wrote were in Oscar consideration! 

Two of my favorite projects we worked on together included "Halloween Party" a comedy with 28 original songs, 8 of which were written specifically for our movie with our opening song in Oscar consideration in 2013.  Donna's guidance on that project was invaluable with the level of music needed, and how closely worked together to pull together the right pieces. She also was instrumental in helping us put together an award winning soundtrack from the movie.  The second was a short we filmed in 2017 called "Passage". Donna wrote several original songs, including the opening and ending song, and again assisted in the creation of the soundtrack.  

I can't imagine working without her not only for her expertise, but also because we have become friends and she really cares about everything she does. 

If you want someone who will give you 125% all the time, hire Donna.  You'll be glad you did!  

Linda Palmer , Producer, Runaway Productions


Halloween Party Movie:  8 original songs were written for the movie, with a total of 28 songs licensed, one of which was an Oscar Contending song competing against Adele's Skyfall.  The song Voodoo was written for the movie and is featured below.


PRESS: for Oscar Contending Song "Voodoo" written for the movie Halloween Party

LIVE PERFORMANCE OF VOODOO (Oscar contending song) a the World Famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN.   Voodoo was written by CJ Watson & Bruce Michael Miller and features CJ Watson and Donna Britton Bukevicz.  Special appearance by Forest Miller on "electric" violin.

"Donna was our music supervisor for our film "Turnover," and I was so incredibly impressed.  Not only is Donna is an incredible talent in her own right, but she has the rare ability to choose the right artist for any particular project.  

Our film was lifted by the talent that she brought to us, and I would not hesitate to recommend her for anyone's film project.  I was honored to have worked with such an amazing artist, and I hope that we come together on a future project." ~ 

Rae Davis, Producer, "Turnover

This is your Day was written by Donna E. Bukevicz (Music Supervisor) & Lyman Ellerman for the movie Turnover.  Paul Guilfoyle, who is the lead actor in the film "lip-syncs" to this song while playing the guitar.

Under the supervision of Donna E. Bukevicz, Music Supervisor and Creative Soundtrack Advisor for the movie Turnover, the original song  "My Silver Lining is Overdue" was written. It was a 2019 HMMA Nominee for Best Original Song in an Independent film. 

It is the opening trailer for the movie.

Passage of Time (Bukevicz/Moussa) & DreamCatcher (Bukevicz) were written for the movie (script to screen) and feature Donna Britton Bukevicz as the artist and vocalist.  Donna's singing voice is the "singing voice" of the actor on screen.

CAT DEXX Short:   Creation of Original Theme Song for Franchise

She's on the Prowl: Written by Donna E. Bukevicz (ASCAP) & Lyman Ellerman (BMI) - featuring Donna Britton Bukevicz as the artist and vocalist.

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