Have you ever watched a TV show or movie and thought to yourself  

“I’ve got a song that’s perfect for this scene? "  Then, this workshop is for you!

ATTN: Songwriters, Composers & Creatives

Attend this workshop Hosted by Donna Britton Bukevicz of Molly Girl Music and co-hosted by Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd & Samir Moussa of Ambrosia Sounds and immediately OPEN A DOOR 

  • How do you  write from "script-to-screen"?  Peter, Donna & Samir  will share their current projects with you and give you an inside-look as to how they collaborate on film projects together.  Join us in discussions on how each one of us got started in composing music for "Sync".   
  • THE BORING STUFF (but without it, you can't license your songs to a TV & Film project).   Donna Britton Bukevicz, Associate Member of the Guild of Music Supervisors will share all of these tips with you to ensure your songs meet a "ONE-STOP-CLEAR" song criteria.   Are your songs "CLEAR" for use in TV & Film?    What does "clear" mean really mean?  Do you have "Work for Hires",    Songwriter Split Sheets in place?  Do you own the  SR (Master Sound Recording)?  What is a one-stop shop? You will learn why are all of these things are important.  

  • Sonic Branding --  What is it?  Learn from Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd, how he applies this when working with artists and sync.  Peter will share some of his recent projects with you.

  • Song Production -  If your music doesn't sound as good as what a Music Supervisor or Director of a Film already has, forget it, they won't give it a further listen.    Samir Moussa of Ambrosia Sounds will share song samples with you and discuss the many ways a song can be produced to "sonically" be acceptable for a TV and/or Film project.

  • In this workshop, you will also learn valuable tips  like “keeping your lyrics universal” and why it’s important.

  • What is Molly Girl Music looking for right now for their projects? 

  • AFTER YOUR SIGN-UP,  you will be able to submit one (1) song for our consideration for use in future Molly Girl Music projects.   If accepted, a non-exclusive one (1) year licensing agreement will be offered (at no cost to you).

   PRICE: $30.00 per person- Students are half price.

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Donna Britton Bukevicz is an award winning songwriter & vocalist

Music Supervisor & Associate Member of Guild of Music Supervisors

 Music Supervisor with extensive sync clearance, song selection, song catalog administration, with 20 years of intellectual property law experience working as a supervisor on Hashtag Blessed, Turnover, Cat Dexx Inkosi, Halloween Party (oscar contending songs competing against Adele's Skyfall). SHORTS: Passage, the movie, From Grief to Gratitude. Documentaries: Cuddle. TV Series: Nashville Unleashed, Green Heroes & Civil Disobedience. Song Licensing: Dancing Ninja, Last Call at Murrays.

Donna's music has been heard on Sony Pictures, Fox Sports, Rock Band video games, Showtime "The L Word", Access Hollywood, VH1's "House of Consignment", MTV, and TVO's Green Heroes web series. Donna is a 2020 92nd Academy Award Oscar Contending Songwriter (two songs were listed among 75 songs up for oscar consideration), 2019 Show Low Film Festival "Best Song" Award & 2013 Oscar contending vocalist (#17 on the Awards Circuit list against Adele's Skyfall). She has has performed at the world famous "Bluebird" and the "Troubadour" sharing the stage & studio with Chris Young, studio band members of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Dave Robbins (of Blackhawk), Toby Keith's Trailer Choir Band, The Henningsen Family, Al Jarreau, Don Henley, Billy Idol, Martha Reeves and The Bangles.

samir Moussa

Executive Producer, AMBROSIA SOUNDS

Our team has received numerous awards for the quality of our music including a nod from the Grammies.

Ambrosia curates the sonic experience you are looking for to support your project and deliver your message. We work with music supervisors, artistic directors, game designers, videographers, films studios, ad agencies, and marketing teams to understand the needs of your project. We produce broadcast-ready results, provide music, exclusively licensed or originally crafted, design sonic logos and sonic user experiences to maximize the emotional impact for your audience.

Award-winning composers and producers are ready to craft the music you need to complete your vision.

McDonald’s, CBS, Intel, TED, NPR, 20th Century Fox, etc… You would recognize them with your eyes closed because their visual identity is matched by sonic logos. We can strengthen your brand by giving it a sound.

Peter Keys

of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Peter Keys has been rocking the stages and studio for almost 4 decades.  His piano and keyboard work can be heard everywhere from the Southern Rock legends Lynyrd Skynrd, the outrageous 420 Funk Mob featuring George Clinton, to the Hip Hop genius of Yelawolf, and countless indie bands and artists.    

Keys developed an interest in music at an early age, as his parents played him to sleep on their 1923 Steinway baby grand.  He began classical training at the age of 4, and had his first performance a year later in New Haven, Connecticut, at the Neighborhood School of Music.  He continued his education in musi theory and performance at Berklee College of Music.  Peter is currently touring with the rock and roll hall of fame band Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Peter Keys wrote the song "FREAKS" which was in turn turned into a short music film (watch below). "FREAKS" follows a group of friends through their downfall during the Hippy Counter-Culture movement of the 1960's. Direct by Doltyn Snedden.  

"Freaks", short film has been selected as an official selecton at the Indie-Shorts in CANNES for 202, IndieX Film Fest and Indie Short Fest.   The song is available on all streaming platforms.




Awards & Nominations --  (click the pic)

Awards & Nominations -- (click the pic)